Akhi Khatun Akhi
Our Student

I am Akhi Khatun Akhi. I am very thankful to this institute for their various types of student visa, they are very helpful and co-operative. I am really happy and proud to be part of SSBCL

MD Tanvir Hussan
Our Student

I am really happy for starting new student life in Germany, which only possible by the help of SSBCL. Not only an organization, but also a guardian for my walking new life.

Sobuz Hossain
Our Student

I am Sobuz Hossain, come from Natore District. After completing my BBA programme, I have applied for masters programme in Germany and finally I have got my visa by the help of SSBCL. In my point of view, SSBCL helps student for their higher study and carrier development programme. Staff of SSBCL is very co-operative, personally I menationed Mr. Sumon Talukder, Mr. PK Voumik, Faisal and Ripon sir. Without their cordial co-operationI can’t gain the visa.

Akibur Rahaman
Our Student

I am very greatful that I have found SSBCL who has fulfilled my first step of my dream. Being a student I think they have given me lots of knowledge which is required to prove a good student to the society. I then look forward to SSBCL, help me to my dream come true.

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